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Personal History

I am currently a Robot operator at Landoll corporation. Prior to that I was in the United States Army for three and a half years. Growing up I was athletic, competing in many sports. I was very good at Track and Cross Country, also played football and basketball. I rode quite a bit growing up learning a lot from my uncle. I have been riding motocross for just over a year now and just finished my first racing season. I finished 3rd in the points this year. I love to ride and it has become my #1 passion. I continue to learn and strive to be better.

Riding Goals

I want to compete and become an all around better rider. I learn a lot from my peers and the riders in higher classes than me. I am currently on a diet and exercise schedule already to help prepare for next season. As important it is to maintain my machine it is just as important to maintain my physical fitness. I Want to continue to move up classes year after year and hopefully in the process get a first place overall and a season championship!

Competitive Highlights

Received my highest placing of 2nd at Bar 2 Bar MX in Maize, ks on Sept 8, 2013. And I was 3rd place overall in the points for my 2013 rookie season!