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Rider Updates

May 25 2009

The season started out rough weather wise. So far we've had six races cancelled due to rain or snow. But when we did get racing it has been goin well. We headed up to grattan and I raced Schoolboy and the 250B class. In schoolboy I pulled a second place start and I held second up until the third lap when I ran into some trouble getting around a few lappers. So I ran for fourth. In the second moto I got caught outside on the first turn and battled my way to fourth for fourth overall. In the B class I got into a first turn pileup and was in dead last and I passed 11 guys until I got tangled up with another rider trying to make a pass. So I crossed with a dissapointing 14th in the first moto. In the second moto I was looking to break into the top ten and after a twelf place start I battled with a few guys and passed up to tenth by the last lap.   In other racing endeavors we recently headed down to Dutch Sport Park and we had some great racing. In Schoolboy I battled inside the top five and closed for a 5th place first moto. In the second moto I was running 5th with three to go and with the last lap coming I turned on the afterburners and passed my way into third. The B class was fairly uneventful and I rode well coming in with a top ten overall finish with seventh overall. So so far the season has been rough with all the uneventfull weather. My goal for the rest of the season is to never finish outside the top Five in the schoolboy class and never outside the top 10 in 250B.






Oct 1 2008

Hey Ive been working pretty hard lately and hoping for a new bike soon. I've been doing a lot of riding regardless of all the rain here in michigan.