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Personal History


My name is Sam King and i really want to start motocross. I shopped for 2 years to get a bike and finally got one. At the moment i am not racing but should be next year but that also deoends on how much support i get. i really love motocross and want to be dedicated all the time and only think motocross that is why i need your help. I am in all honors classes and passing all of them with A's and B's. Mostly A's at the end of the semester. I am a nice friendly kid with a great positive attitude and great sportsmanship. Even though i just got my bike i am a quick learner and i mountain bike all the time and have always been good on two wheels. It will be really hard to afford motocross with out help from a sponsor. PLEASE SPONSOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding Goals

My goals for the next year are to start motocross and go out there and win. to get sponsor help and really help promote my sponsor.

Competitive Highlights