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Personal History

My name is Rylee Martens. I am 8 years old and currently a third grader in Harrisburg, South Dakota. My dad is Jordan and my mom is Kayla. I have a little brother, Owen, who is 6 and a little sister, Mya, who is 3. 

I have been riding dirt bikes since November of 2020. I started my love of racing by watching my dad race sprint cars. I then tried racing cage carts at age 6, but there were very few local tracks to race at. We started riding dirt bikes for fun at my grandpa's farm and quickly grew to love riding. I love all things motocross! I have worked very hard over the course of the last year. I work hard each time I am on the track and try to improve each race. I am very proud of how much I have learned over the past year and one of my biggest accomplishments is my improvement on my 65! I really enjoy riding my 65 and learning how to improve on this bike each race. 

My little brother, Owen, also races and my little sister, Mya, has recently started riding her stacyc all over the place. Racing is a family event and I love spending time at the track with my favorite people! We have a large support system that includes my grandma's and grandpa's as well as my aunt, uncle, and cousins! My grandpa, Tim also used to race motorcycles and sprint cars! Racing is in our blood!

One of my favorite things to do is to wear my long blonde hair down when I race because when I pass the boys...I want them to know I am a girl!!

How would your company benefit from sponsoring me?

My dad LOVES to have meticulous bikes. We would place sponsor stickers on our bikes. My mom also LOVES to post updates about our racing and sponsors on social media. She is currently making a social media page for our racing "Martens Family MX Racing". We will be on Facebook currently, but looking to expand our reach into other modes of social media. We would thank our Sponsor with each social media post! We could also apply sponsor logos to our motorhome or trailer that we travel across the upper midwest in! We are open to any additional means of advertising that your company would desire! 


Riding Goals

My goals are to improve each time I am on my bike. This winter we plan to race indoors at Cedar Lake Arena in New Richmond, Wisconsin. My goal is to finish within the top 10 at each race with the ultimate goal of finishing within the top 5. We also plan to race in Millville, MN at Spring Creek Motocross Park consistently next summer. I am hoping to improve my skills and be a top 5 finisher at each race. I would LOVE to to win race and I am up for the challenge!!

Competitive Highlights

Currently my point standing at my local track, Sioux Valley Cycle Club (SVCC) in Renner, South Dakota is:

3rd in points 50 cc 7-8 

3rd in points 50 cc Open

I am so proud of how much I have learned in a year and my competitive highlights are all of my top 10 and top 5 finishes! I plan to get MANY more in future races!!