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Personal History

My name is Ryker Beale, my birthday is July 30th and I am 7 years old. I tried playing sports like football and soccer but when I was 6 I got on a dirt bike for the first time and I was in love! That was a Honda CRF 50, then June 3rd, 2020 I got my Husky TC50. The first time I went to a race it was with the Sprint Cross Country Series and I placed 3rd! I tried a couple races in that series with my friends but then I went to training at Jimmy Weinert Training Facility-JWTF and decided Motocross was what I wanted to pursue. JWTF has become one of my favorite places to go. I have done a few races but am focusing a lot on training. I just got my KTM 65 on April 7th!

Riding Goals

Since I am a new rider I have a lot to learn still. Since being at JWTF I have learned a lot of jumping, turns, and certain forms you should being using. There is this table top called the 909 here at JWTF and it’s my favorite jump to hit! I want to keep training and racing and I hope that one day I will go Pro. Right now I am focusing on my corner speed, I have good throttle control but just need more practice on the turns on my 65 since I am new to it. 

Competitive Highlights

The very first race I ever did I placed 3rd and I was super happy!