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Personal History

         I was born with my passion for motorcycles. I began riding at the ripe age of three on a 1990 Suzuki 50 with training wheels, which my father had modified to fit. I then moved to 65’s at the age of five and began my desert racing career. I received 2nd place in my first 65 championship series. The next year I won the 85cc mini championship and the next two years I spent in 85cc Iron man class (When 85cc bikes race one lap of the 25-30 mile race course).  I then began my 125 career at the age of 11 when I won the 2005 NMDRC 0-200cc C class championship. Over the years I moved to 250 two-strokes , on which won several 250 B class and overall B class races. In 2010 I had saved up enough money, and with a huge help from my local Yamaha dealer Sponsor Bobby J’s Yamaha, I was able to put a down payment on my 2009 YZ 450f. Since the purchase of my 450 I have moved to the Open A motocross class and consistently place in the top 10 in Open Pro Desert Racing as well as top finishes in Arenacross . All the while learning how to do all my own maintenance. There is not one aspect of my motorcycle that I do not know how to work on. I have learned how to do everything from fork seals to suspension set-up to clutches as well as checking my own valves and replacing the top-end. Motorcycles are my life’s passion and I strive every day to better my performance on and off the track. I am currently a New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology student earning a major in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Explosives Engineering. I work at the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center as a heavy equipment operator and field test support technician. I have just recently been picked up by PJ's Husqvarna Triumph and Ducati and an currently racing the NMDRC series on a 2012 Husqvarna TC 449.

Riding Goals

I've been riding and racing my entire life and have no intentions of ever stopping. I , my brother, and my father ride almost every weekend together religiously. I love racing but keep my education my priority. I really enjoy riding extreme technical trails and adventure riding, however, with my recent sponsorship opportunities I have been able to focus on racing more than ever before. I am extremely competitive by nature and love racing whether it is sanctioned or not. This season I plan on racing my way to a top ten overall open pro class championship plate in the NMDRC and Webe series in the southwest region.  

For 2013 my primary goals are to;

• Bring the Husqvarna TC449 to consistent top ten finishes at every event
• Win at least one NMDRC or Webe race this season
• Finish the season uninjured
• Earn a championship top ten plate in one or both race series
• Successfully represent my sponsors in a professional manor

Competitive Highlights

2002- NMDRC 85cc Mini Champion
2005- NMDRC 0-200cc C class Champion
2009- 1st place VCC Endurocross Open B
2010- NMDRC Tarantula 100 250B/Overall B class Winner
2011- NMDRC Tarantula 100 6th place overall Open Pro
      2 Open A class MX victories at Sandia MX
      3rd place Open A Sandia AX (Against Jason Anderson)
      2nd place College boy Sandia AX
2012- 1st place Open A Speedway MX GP
     1st place Team Race NMORS Chupacabra 100
2nd place Pro MX dash for cash NMORS Chupacabra 100

2013-NMDRC Socorro Valley 2nd Overall Open Pro

2013- NMDRC Season Overall 3rd Open Pro