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Personal History

I’ve raced dirt bikes and sleds for the last 5 years I’ve always done everything outta my own pocket. I was talking to a older gentleman that had influenced me to get sponsors or at least try to he recommended you guys for goggles and sun glasses wear especially for snow season. I’ve always used clear goggles and I bought a set of tinted this year from my local parts dealer and I’m hooked, it has changed my look so much in racing with tinted goggles. I can see so much better without having to squint all the time while on the line getting ready to race. 

Riding Goals

I’m looking to extend my racing into traveling farther and making myself a better rider. I wanna be able to go outta state and look good while I fell good riding/racing. I’ve raced for about 5 years now and have gotten better each season. I do sled drags in the off season as long as snow is in our favor. I’ve pulled many of wins in the stock and improved sled classes. I’m in the process of building a pro improver sled out of parts and a chassis that I have laying around. 

Competitive Highlights

Last year I won 6 out of 10 races that I had entered for motocross. So far this season for sleds I have only raced twice one was a 1st in 600 stock and a 3rd in 600 improved.