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Rider Updates

Feb 6 2007

My first race of the season is coming up and its a regional! Its at queenstown MX track, i have never ridden there it was built in the period which i stopped racing but i hear it is a killer track and i cant wait to ride! Looking for a top eight finish! anyway be sure to look out for my results

Jan 20 2007

whats up to you guys! last night was my twenty first birthday it was a awesome party, then it got better when my dad called me up during his speech and told me about the supercross race in anehiem on the day i was born 18/01/1986, david bailey went on to beat rick johnson in one of the best supercross race of all time! my dad then handed me my new helmet, my one industry trooper david bailey replica!!!!! i rode with it todayand i felt like the man himsrelf flying throwing some whips!!!! haha, no for real i whip it good!!!! anyway thats my news for now ! peace out and stay safe on those wheels!

Jan 16 2007

Whats up! im ryan, i am from south africa and i have ten years behind my belt! and it runs through my veins, i ride because i love it, i started when i was eight years old and stopped when i was sixteen due to injuries, but i have bought myself the new honda 450f, apart from my fitness im riding quite well considering a four year break! i truely love the sport! So any help will be very much appreciated! thanks very much