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Personal History

Hi, I'm Rueger Morrison. I'm 12 yrs old and going into the 7th grade. I've been riding since I was about 5 yrs old when my parents bought me a Honda PW50 for Christmas. They couldn't get me off that bike. Once I outgrew the 50, we bought an older used KX65 that I started racing on. My uncle researched and found the TCCRA organization and we have been racing in that series ever since. My first full year of racing with TCCRA was 2019. I was really nervous and kinda intimidated to race the first time because everyone was super fast. After my first race, I was hooked. After the middle of the season at Christmas, I got a 2018 KTM 65 and finished my season on that bike. I ended up winning the 65 Amateur Class Championship in 2019. I've now moved up to the 85cc class and am racing on a Husqvarna TC 85, and I love my bike. I've only recently started racing Motocross and raced at Village Creek for my 2nd time ever to race moto and won 5th place overall in the 85cc 12-14 class. I'm excited to start racing ALOT more Motocross. I'll be racing at River Valley, and I hope the Full Moon series as well.

Riding Goals

I want to keep growing as a rider and a competitor. My biggest goal is to be the most confident rider I can be.  I want to learn from the veterans, and teach those that are coming up as beginners.  I want to start racing more motocross this season.  

I would like to qualify for Loretta's and race at least two GNCC races. 

Competitive Highlights

I won the 2019 TCCRA 65 cc Amateur Class Championship my first year as a racer.

I won 5th overall in my second ever Motocross race at Village Creek 6/20 in the 85cc class. 

8th in 24 HR Gut Buster - Iron man class.  Youngest racer that participated in the Ironman class