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Personal History

Im 10yo. I have been riding for fun since I was 2. I love freestyle, and racing. My family and I live in Coalgate OK but we travel the states for my dads work. I am very out going and can chill with just about anyone from little kids to old dudes. My mom and sister usually travel to events with me we bring our big enclosed teailer or we sometimes bring our big Toyhauler. My mom and sister are just getting into riding and my Older brother is 19 and loves all things fast!

Riding Goals

When at home I have a small practice track I ride 3 hrs a day, as well as my good feiends Zeke and Shawn Sherrards tracks, Zeke and Shawn both ride zeke is semi pro and they help me with training. I plan to attent some pro camps this winter to build my skill level and confidence as well as practice sick tricks!! I hope to race every weekend I can. We travel alot so I hope to ride some new unfamiliar tracks and new series. I am homeschooled so I have lots of time to practice and learn. I have alot to learn but I know I can do whatever it takes. Also Im growing alot and hope to move to 85cc soon!!! My ultimate goal is to be a freestyle rider and ride in the X games!!!!!! That would be ultra Dope

Competitive Highlights

Im very competitive and like most I love to win. I have not done as many races as some but I give 5000% at every race and practice. No matter what I place I dtill love the race and Im gonna try to beat everyone in my classes for sure. Im tuff and can crash and get bk on!  WILLING TO DO SMALL OR LARGE EVENTS TO ADVERTISE! WE OWN MULTIPLE LARGE TRAILERS THAT CAN BE SKINNED OR HAVE YOUR LOGOS ADDED!  WE TRAVEL AT LEAST 10 months out of the year and go to every track we can find even if I cant compete we still show up to watch!! I want to thank anyone who gives me the opertunity to  ride with your sponsorship!!!