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Personal History

My name is Ross Gedman I love to race motocross. I play hockey to help stay in shape for the race season an I ride alot during the week inbetween races. I try my hardest to win every race Im in but I use my head so I dont crash an if Im not battleing for the lead Im studying the faster riders tryin to see what their doing that Im not so that I can get faster an beat them. I try to practice with faster riders than myself so I can learn but theres not many people around my area that are faster than me.

Riding Goals

My main goals for this season are to win a couple overalls in the B class an the last couple races of the year step into the A class an see what I have got against them

Competitive Highlights

One of my competitive highlights I would say is when I won my first race in the C class because I won by about half the track an it just took the pressure off my shoulders an it was just that much easier to win after that. Another highlight of mine would be winning my first time at Grattan because I was on a stock 250F going up against all 450s an I came out on top with a 3rd in moto number 1 and a 1st in moto number 2.