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Personal History

Hey , My name is Rodrigo Jara I'm EL Paso ,Tx .My parents are USMC veterans and are currently in law enforcement. I first got a honda crf50 when i turned 8 years old  , but i didn't start racing until i was 10 and got a 2012 ktm 65. Motorcross has been my passion every since i started . On the side of motocross i play baseball so i can stay active while I'm not riding . I like play other sports just for fun and i keep my grades at A's and B's. My current goal at the moment is to gain my confidents back because unfortunately on March 31,2019 i was a horrific crash at the first round of the Big Side of Texas series held by Brownlee Racing.I hit a double but i cased it and sent me over the bars . I broke my left clavicle and about 2 months later found out i had shattered my T12 and blown out a disc . Lucky no surgery was needed . This year i have attended a couple races at Tulie mx due to me still being in recovery mode. My goals for the future are to race at super cross futures , attend a motocross school and to get to ride more tracks and stared winning some races. My dad is one of my biggest idels he inspires me to try new things and gives me confidence and shows me giving up is never the right route. He helps me in may ways he can and gives me the tips he knows to help improve my skills .My other idel is Tre Fierro, he is from EL paso ,TX . He rides for the  KTM Factory Team in Mexico .I like to see him race cause i like to see what he does so i know to do and improve my riding .

Riding Goals

To race in bigger events and and more challenging places and attend a motocross school to learn new riding techniques.