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Rider Updates

Oct 31 2011


3-20 knee raises

3-10 dips

3-10 assited pull ups 80lbs

10min stationary bike 3.6mi random program level 10

2-songs jumprope

12min treadmill alpine program 1.09mi

1-song jumprope

2-1min bridge

Oct 30 2011


3-15 (5,10,25) back lifts

3-15 (40,60,70) seated pec dec vertical machine

3-15 (30) db incline

3-12 (70,80,90) chest press incline machine

3-10 (35) db bench

3-12 (70,80,90) dual axis chest press machine

3-12 (60,70,80) w/1 second hold vertical pec contractor machine

3-songs jumprope

3-20 knee raises

10 min ellipitical

Oct 29 2011

Well i was able to put in a good 1hr moto at my personal extreme endruo track. Still have a few problems clearing a couple sections of concrete piles, but other than that everything else went really good. Put in 10.66 mi in 1:04:51

avg lap time is 6:04 which is getting better every time im out there

amateur class is hopefully going to be a good year next year if i can keep up my training program and push on harder and harder every day

Oct 28 2011

4.3 mi bike ride

2hrs cardio (flag football)

4.3 mi bike ride

Oct 27 2011


2-50 situps

3-20 knee raises

3-20 tricep dips

3-20 (50,70,90) dual axis row machine

3-12 ab wheel

3-20 (80,95,110) ab machine

3-20 (65,80,90) compund row mach

3-15 crucifix situps

3-20 (100,130,200) back extension machine

1-20 shoulder shrug machine

1-20 shoulder pull down machine

1-song of jump rope

workout cut short, wife had car problems

Oct 22 2011

Went out for a day ride today at the camp. it was a lot of fun getting back out there, been a good while with the race season and family things. trails are a little rough and need some goo dwork but they r still there. we went out venturing a bit on some unfamiliar trails and was able to find some real good ones, not that we will prolly ever find em again, but it was worth it at the time. put in a good 36.85 mi of trail riding in. really wanted to do more but i can only go as far as my riding buddy can make it and he was worn out.

Oct 1 2011

The day started off nice and cool. i walked the course out early to get some blood pumping and loosen up a little bit. Had a good start then stalled the bike and it went bad. Took the 1st lap and made up 9 spots putting me in 8th. i was on cloud nine cuz i was riding smootha nd feeling really good. Got into the 2nd lap and was slammed down hard after the back wheel got lifted up from a stump and it out me down reallyt really hard. broke  clutch lever and bent handguards real good. Landed straight on shoulder and head and it was hurtoing. Nothing was broke and everything is good now but the entire week after left me with a broken bike and very little movement in arm.

Sep 22 2011

Finally i was able to get back into the groove of things and get back working out. Actually was able to get onto the bike and put in some road miles. Would be nice to have more time in the day for all this and to have a much better road bike, but its ok. Something is better than nothing.

25 push-ups

25 sit-ups

35 min road bike (5.6mi) - 6:15 avg mi

Sep 17 2011

Was able to put in a good 1.5hrs today at the personal track. Wasnt able to get on enduro cross section too much due to rain and mud. I wanted to bad but its hard enough to take care of and fix what i got much less it only takes a lap r 2 to destroy it. so i put in about 15 laps on the short course part which is just trails. it was practice tho and a muddy one at that. its nice to be able to pratice so close to home so when you have terrible rainy days like today its just a matter of minutes before im back home. Thank god for giving me another day of riding and coming back home to my family once again.

Sep 10 2011

So the day started off a beautiful day and ended a perfect day. Was able to test out the new enduro cross track and the trails. Put in some great riding time in. Was definitely nice to get back on the bike after cutting hand open on table saw. Hand is healing extremely good and doesn't affect my clutch hand any bit. Bike ran really well and did great.

Sep 8 2011

Went thru the trails and took out the few face slappers that were there. Gonna put in some good riding time in this weekend on the new enduro x track and trails

Aug 31 2011

Finally started more work at my track and have decided to put in an enduro cross style track. It will take a good bit of work but hopefully by the end of the year i can have all my trails cut, my mx track finished, and the enduro croos part finished. Time will tell but if i can get this done it will make for one hell of a place to practice finally and we will own it all. Cant beat that

Aug 24 2011

Well i did it to myself and out myself out and off the bike for a month r so. Cut the left hand on a table saw pretty bad. 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers all sustained cuts with the 5th getting cut twice.

Jul 30 2011

Got some good time on the bike in today at Frog Capital MX Park in Rayne, LA. Put 59.52 miles of riding in on the track there. Still need to get way more time in on the track but it for sure will help me through out the rest of LACC series when we get to the mx parks that r part trails n part track. Bike has some new rubber on the wheels so traction was not a problem. Still not landing my jumps where i should be but its coming. Need to send suspension off for revalving and setting. Bottoming out on the front forks a good bit, could be from landing unsmoothly but im not sure. Time will tell

Jul 1 2011

Went out to Rio Bravo MX Park in Houston, TX today and put in a good 49.?? miles of track time in. Place was amazing, dirt perfect, weather nice, all in all it was a good day and got some reall good practice in. Slowly tuning up my mx track skills

Jun 24 2011

put in a god 40-50 laps in today. the ground was pervfeect from all of the rain that we got this past week. track was in tip top shape and condition after a few minutes of dirt moving n correcting and then it was on. got things roling real smooth off the jumps and turns. still need to work on the whoops sevtions but it will come. everything comes in time with good consistent practice.

Jun 22 2011

put in about 15 miles today but man oh man was it muddy. it was very muddy lol but we all gotta learn to ride in the best and worse of conitions

Jun 11 2011

Put in a good 38 miles at the track and trails today at Beaumont Moto X. That place is a nice hard packed tracked with some high speed wide open trails. Lots of fun out there. Great practice and conditioning being out there in the heat riding. Did a few log and colvert jumps as well.

Jun 4 2011

so after blowing my caliper to pieces i was finally able to get back onto my bike after receiving the new caliper and man is it nice to have. went down to Beaumont Moto X in Beaumont, tx today and got in some god track time and hare scramble style trail riding in. this place is pretty dang nice. its not th egreatest place but for $10 a rider i doubt it could e beat anywhere else. its hard packed  and notall rutted up like most tracks. has lots of hills and big jumps in the trail sections along with about a 30-35ft hill jump this place is really nice. will definitely be getting back out there to put some more ride time in

May 14 2011

Well it was my first enduro race of this year and it wasnt too bad. had to use a backup bike due to pistons getting fried in my front caliper by mechanic installing wheel incorrectly, bvut its all good. Pulled a 6th out of 11 which isnt too too bad for first enduro race and riding 60 miles thru woods and hillls

Apr 16 2011

i had the weekend off for once. i been on the bike so much been missing some family time and it was way over due. i did take some equipment out to my track and build a new double and cut some more trail. so things r atleast looking up

Apr 9 2011

Race went very well today. dropped the bike in a turn that cost me a higher placing, but i still pulled off 4th out of 13 in my class and 72nd out of 160+ overall. thats not too bad for only having raced 3 races now

Apr 2 2011

Did alot better this time around. No wrecks, injuries, or broken bike. Dropped the bike twice but nothing crazy. current finish and placings

7th out of 19 in class

79th out of 154 overall

current points standings

12th out of 30 after 2 races in class

Mar 25 2011

put in some good time in on the trail and track that the race is on next weekend. hope it pays off

Mar 19 2011

Race went smooth and perfect this weekend. We only had one major injury with having almost 400 riders at the enduro. I was able to put in 100+ miles on the bike this entire weekend so thats real good. Working on LACC course next weekend then race almost every weekend of april

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