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Rider Updates

May 2 2022

LACC Rd #4 - Tunica Hills

This past weekend was a rough one. Saturday practice was already tough due to the terrain of the race venue, but early Sunday morning rain came in. The added mud to already tough terrain made for an uneventful race. Oakley was able to finish his race to the checkered flag, but Eden and myself both had a DNF due to bike issues. The mud was relentless and unforgiving. There will be some excessive and through cleaning that will come this evening as we get bikes back prepped for future practices and racing.

Apr 26 2022

SERA Rd. #4 Cajun Classic Enduro

This weekend wasn’t to bad of a weekend. Eden was able to finally get back on a bike and with openly a day of riding she landed herself a 3rd in class and 59th overall for the weekend. Oakley had a solid ride for himself with an 8th in class and 13th overall. He is gaining more and more confidence with every minute of seat time we can get him. I had a pretty solid race. Lost some time in test 2 by stopping to help attend to another injured rider, which more than likely cost me a better finish, but i ended the weekend 5th in class and 109th overall which is not to bad considering. The ground conditions were the best they have been in many years for the race with the rain holding off and staying away for the most part, minus some small showers here and there. All in all it was a really good weekend.

Jun 14 2021

Well this past weekend was LACC Rd. #6 in Iota, LA. The course conditions were immaculate with finally some amazing weather rain south LA. Although the weekend was not the worst weekend we have had in the recent months it wasn’t the best either. We had some technical difficulties yet again throughout the weekend between bikes, camper, and racers, but we did our best to make the best of it and continue to gain points and push forward.

Saturday was a rough start with Oakleys atv having technical difficulties that resulted in him missing practice and missing the entire race in general which led to him receiving a DNS and no points for this round which hurts in the long run, but he will continue to push forward. Practice for everyone on Saturday was not that bad. Had a few hiccups here and there, but survived the day with no more issues.

Sunday was race day for bikes. Eden had some issues with the bike yet again but they were minor and she was able to ride. Made one lap then she hit a tree and was done for the day resulting in a DNF. Oakley finally had zero issues with his bike and was able to make the entire race resulting in 9th in his class. For his second weekend of riding the bike since we got it for him he did really well and made massive improvements every time he got on the bike. I myself took the hole shot at race start and was able to to put a pretty good gap on the rest of the field in my class in the beginning, but had many many bike issues on lap two. I was able to take my time with the bike and get it back to the finish line to retain as many points as possible and resulted in a 5th place finish in class. Had i had no isssues was pegged to take 1st with my lap times being significantly lower than the rest of the field, but wasn’t my day.

Overall we had a great weekend and was able to spend some time together as a family and continue to grow in the spot we love to participate in.

Apr 25 2021

NEPG Cajun Classic Enduro

Well we had a rough run this past weekend at the NEPG Cajun Classic Enduro. Eden had mechanical issues after the first lap which required her to end her race much sooner than expected. Oakley never made it to the start line due to mechanical issues as well. More parts have been ordered and bikes will be fixed and ready to rock after many hours of wrenching to come. Thanks to everyone’s continued support.

Apr 29 2017

Oakley put in a good hard fought ride to 2nd place at the NEPG Cajun Classic National Enduro. Little man is pushing more and more and is getting close to needing a better, quicker bike. Lily is still in the works but she is coming around. We just need the weather to stay nice back at home now so we can get in the seat time needed.

Apr 16 2017

We were able to put in a few hours of solid riding today. Oakley is getting better and better everyday in the woods. He is starting to grow very well and almost time to step up to a quicker bike from the Honda. 


I was able to get some seat time as well, but not quite as much as I would like.

Mar 26 2017

Oakley had a pretty good ride given the muddy conditions. Lily is still getting into the grove of riding, but she is getting better every time. I was able to put in a little bit of ride time, but had to work with Lily on balance, but atleast i got some saddle time.

Mar 25 2017

Oakley finally got himself a podium finish at the ADR Sprint Enduro at Vanway Motoplayground. The conditions were very muddy, but he pushed on and got better every lap. So very proud of him.

Dec 13 2015

Well we are back at it again. Have been hauling in dirt and obstacles for the track and enduro cross section weekly trying to get it all ready for practice. Finally got some small trail sections cut so little man can practice. Just need the weather to stay good and dry things up some

Sep 17 2012

The amount of time I had wasnt much, but i was still able to put down some good laps at my place today. The dirt was peeeerrrrrrffffffeeeeecccccttttt from the rain we got that morning. Everything went very good. Bike is still running very strong. Oct 6th is approaching very fast. Trynig to get ready mentally and physically for the Texas Extreme Hare Scramble tag team race.

Sep 9 2012

Put in some good bike time at Jones Moto Playground today. The weather was nice and cool fromt the cool front that came thru the following evening, made for a very very nice day of riding. Bike is still running strong but its almost time to break her down and get her ready for next season. Things are looking to for next season, so hopefully i can be in podium possiblilty status.

Aug 13 2012

Well had another good day at the gym.



1-song jumprope

3-12 (50,60,70) leg extension machine

3-20 knee raises

1-song jumprope

3-12 (50,60,70) leg curl machine

6-12 ab wheel

3-12 (125,150,175) leg press machine

1-song jumprope

22min stationary bike - random hill program - level 10 - 6.44mi

1-song jumprope

3-20 (50,60,70) multi hip machine

3-12 crucifix situps

Aug 7 2012

It is so nice to have your own personal track lol. Put in another good bit of gym time and then a few hours on the bike, cant beat it.



1-song jumprope

3-20 knee raises

3-15 (50,55,60) tricep extension machine

1song jumprope

3-15 ab wheel

3-15 (50,5,60) bicep curl machine

1-song jumprope

22min stationary bike - 6.5mi - level 10 - random hill program

1.5hrs on bike at personal track, dirt was very nice and moist some places a bit too moist but still moist

Aug 6 2012

Well the summer break is finally over and it's time to take things back up a notch and get everything rolling the right direction before th e2nd half of the season starts. Put in a good session at the gym this efternoon and man it was nice to be back into the fukl swing of things.



3-20 knee raises

3-25 pushups

1-song jumprope

3-15 (100,110,120) chest press incline machine

3-20 (9.15.25) situps

1-song jumprope

17min stationary bike - random hill program - 4.97mi - level 10

1-song jumprope

3-15 (90,100,110) dual axis chest press machine

3-15 crucifix situps

315 ab wheel

1-song jumprope

15min row machine

7min road run

Apr 29 2012

Well we spent some time down at Cowboy Badlands in Beaumont, TX and it was time well spent. The track was prepped superbly and i was able to get a nice smooth groove and start putting down some really nice lap times. The trails were not prepped nor ready to be ridden which was a bummer, but the front track was amazing. The bike ran very strong and was stable and planted. Tires still need to be changed asap, but all in all the day was a very good day.

Apr 25 2012


1-song jumprope

3-12 ab wheel

3-12 (80,90,100) overhead press machine

1-song jumprope

3-15 (80,95,110) ab machine

3-12 (80,95,110) lat pulldown machine

1-song jumprope

3-20 knee raises

3-12 (40,50,60) lat raise machine

Apr 24 2012

1-song jumprope,
3-20 (80,95,110) ab machine,
3-12 (70,80,90) vert pec contractor/rear delt machine,
1-song jumprope,
3-20 knee raises,
3-12 (90,100,110) chest press machine,
1-song jumprope,
3-15 ab wheel,
3-12 (100,110,120) incline machine,
1-song jumprope,
15min row machine

Apr 16 2012

Put in a lil time at the endurocross track. Ground conditions were terrible with everything wet and muddy. Was really disappointed the trails were all flooded so stuck to the ex sections only/ really need tog et some more work done to the course and finish everything off just need the time.

Apr 14 2012

Did some trail work on the course to get ready for the race in 2 weeks. Also made a few laps around a large part of the course to help put down a line and break away some of the leaves. Bike ran strong just need a severe tire change.

Apr 10 2012


Pure Cardio prgoram

Mar 26 2012

Insanity workout

Cardio Power and resistence Program

Mar 25 2012

Put in a few laps at the camp this morning, then packed up and headed home to the track. Put in some nice laps at the track. Bikes power is amazin and very moticable on the track. All the time and money spent was worth every penny and hour.

Mar 24 2012

Race was cancelled this weekend due to weather, so i spent the weekend at the camp. Put in some good seat time on the test section.

Mar 22 2012

INsanity workout


Cardio Recovery Program

Mar 20 2012

INsanity Plyometric and Cardio program

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