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Personal History

I love the sport of motocross. I have raced for 7 years and have been riding ever since. I like to practice alot at my home track, neighbors tracks, and at race tracks. I am 23 years old, I live in Grand Blanc Mi. I like working on my bikes, I like them to be top notch for riding. My dad is my mechanic and works constuction. In his free time, he takes me racing and coaches me. He helps me train to be in good shape for riding. I am a member of a motorcycle club called Bulldogs. I also practice there alot. It is a sand track and it is a rough track that is good to practice on.

Riding Goals

I hope on finishing in the top 3 in the 14+ classes, in the 2022 Season. I train a few hours a day, and ride mountain bikes twice a week.

I am going to ride ice every weekend this winter and hope to win the ice race Grand Championship in the 250 dtx class and running up front in the Kold Kutter pro shootout . I plan on going to Florida this winter for a couple of weeks to practice and train. Next year I want to quailify for Loretta Lynn'samateur National.

I would like to finish first in points in the 450 A class next year in District 14 Flat track.


Competitive Highlights

I am National number 2 in the 125 class at Ice Racing and am also national number 2 in the 250 b class and the 250 DTX class. I didn't race many local motocross races this past year .  I raced the Baja Brawl National on 125 and got inside the top 10 and my 250 which I had a 5th, 3rd, and crashed out my last moto, was riding in the top 10 the whole weekend. My 2014 season wnet pretty good.

I won a money moto at bulldogs motorcycle club in 2016 and was an alternate for Loretta lynns that year.

2018 I ended up 3rd in points in the 450 B class in flat track.

2020 I raced the ama flat track amateur nationals. I ended up with a 5th on the short track and a 7th on the half mile for 10th overall against the fastest amatuers in the country in the 250 dtx  class.

2021 I didn't race much because of injury, but I showed a lot of speed in the 450A class and finished on the podium three times.