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Rider Updates

Sep 23 2021

Another amazing milestone this season was I got my 12 year old daughter out on the Supermoto track fir her first official race and she did great!! 

Sep 23 2021

It’s been a great race season for 2021. I came up 2nd overall for the season in the SMEC vet class this year on my ktm 250! I also great fun racing my girlfriends 150r in some mini dirt races on the Supermoto track at OVRP. Took a nice double win this past weekend at OVRP in exper 250 class on my ktm and we have 1 event left for the season and will finish strong

May 4 2021

The 2021 season kicked this past weekend at Oakland valley race park. I couldn’t get my ktm 250 race ready in time, but I was able to race my girlfriends 150r in the mini dirt class and had a blast and even took home the first place win !!!

Oct 19 2020

It’s been a wild and crazy year to say the least! 2020 had brought a lot for me, pandemic aside I still was able to get to the track a lot more than I originally thought. My girlfriend and I were also blessed with a beautiful baby girl this year in May! This has been a very challenging year off the track but have still stayed committed to racing making 5 total events this year and taking 3 podium wins! I also seemed to secure myself the number two spot in 250 expert fir the 2020 Supermoto championship at Oakland valley race park in NY. I want thank all my sponsors and supporters for the continued support! You all are great!!! Big plans for season 2021

May 4 2019

Coming into the 2019 race season I’m getting amped and ready to start shredding some new race slicks on the Supermoto’s!! Stay tuned for some awesome action and as always I want to thank all of my continued supporters and sponsors that make it all possible!! 

Feb 2 2019

I would to thank the continued support and my new supporters for this 2019 season! The Supermoto schedules are starting to come out and it’s looking like another great year coming. Staring to get the prep underway for this next race season! 

Dec 9 2018

I would like to say thank you and happy holidays to all of my great sponsors! You are all great and make such a big impact on the sport and experience. Thank you for everyone’s continued support and to the new supporters as well! 

Nov 28 2018

Well now that winter is officially here in CT it’s time to start getting set up for some ice riding this year!!! Lots of studs in a brand new knobby tire is the way to go! 

Oct 25 2018

What an incredible ending to my SMEC Supermoto pro 250 season.  We were down in sunny Florida at Bushnell Motorsports Park with the AMA southeast Supermoto crew for our final. I went 1 and 1 in my two motos and secured the Number 1 spot as 2018 SMEC pro 250 champion

Sep 24 2018

Well we changed pace this weekend and put the dirt wheels back on the race bikes and took them down to English town race way park for some awesome motor cross action! Lots of fun and a great change of pace from the Supermoto racing all season. But now it’s crunch time to get everything ready for the last SMEC round down in sunny Florida in October! 

Sep 2 2018

Hello to all of my great sponsors and supporters!!!! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been on here, just wanted to give a few updates! My 2018 season is still not over yet. I have a few more races I will be competing in, and I am most excited for my final points round for the SMEC Supermoto series that will be held for the first time down in sunny Florida at the bushnell motorsports Park!! I am currently sitting in second place in points for the 250 pro class in smec and only down by 2 points from winning the number one spot for 2018!! I plan on making a great final race and securing my number spot this season as 250 pro champion in the smec Supermoto series. So stay tuned for some more awesome Supermoto action still to come!!!!

Aug 13 2018

What an incredible weekend!!!!! Brought home three separate podium trophies from three sepereate Supermoto race series this weekend in NY at Oakland Valley Race Park!! HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY SUPPORTERS AND SPONSORS!!!!! You make this all possible!!!! 

Jul 17 2018

Had a great race weekend up in Maine at the Boxshop Speedway with SMEC Supermoto round 3! Very tight and technical track with a brutally rocky dirt section but loads of fun! Had a bit of bike trouble in my first race but came back very strong in my main event and placed second which gave a solid 3rd place podium position for the overall and brought home another trophy for the wall!! 

Jul 13 2018

Gearing up and loading up for the next SMEC race this weekend combined with NEMM Supermoto up at BOXSHOP SPEEDWAY in Maine. Grade 8 Racing prepping to bring home more hardware!!! Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors that make it all possible!! TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!

Jun 18 2018

Had an amazing race weekend up at Lafayette motorspsorts Park this weekend with SMEC Supermoto series. Brand new paved track and revamped dirt section made it the funnest track so far this season! And I secured another solid second finish which keeps me in 2nd place in points for the overall!

Jun 14 2018

Gearing up and getting ready for the next big event this weekend for SMEC round 2 at Lafayette motor sports park in NY

May 23 2018

I am very excited to announce that I am in the beginning stages of building a race team/entity for my self. I’ve come up with a very meaningful and down to business name... “Grade 8 Racing” to reflect the hardness of my work and dedication too what I do. Stay tuned for more updates and progress!! Thank you to all of my awesome sponsors who support me and help make all of this possible!!!

May 23 2018

Had another great event this past weekend at Oakland Valley Race Park in New York for round 1 of there in house NESC Supermoto series. Lap times where getting quicker and quicker every time out and I placed 4th in both my heat race and my main event in the 250 expert class and my partner and team mate Jeff Olson rite behind me in 5th on my other KTM 250 that he’s piloting this season. 

May 8 2018

What an amazing weekend of racing down in Virginia for the SMEC Supermoto series round 1. The weather and track conditions where absolutely perfect! I am very happy and proud to announce to all my sponsors that I took a solid Second place win for the day

May 2 2018

Getting prepped and ready for this weekends big event of the season opener for the SMEC Supermoto series being held at the iconic and legendary Virgina International Raceway!!! Ready to rip in the 250 pro class and bring home some more trophies!!!! 

Apr 26 2018

With the first race of the season and a podium finish under my belt I’m getting the bikes prepped and ready for the next Supermoto event down at Virginia Internationl Raceway with the SMEC Supermoto series!! Going to be a good one!!!!!

Apr 22 2018

What a great season opener this weekend with the NEMM Supermoto series in Brockton MA. This was my first race with the NEMM series, my first race in the 250 pro class and my first race on my new bike and all in all for the weekend I finished 3rd in my 250 class and came home with a trophy

Apr 9 2018

Unfortunately due to cold temps and bad weather this weekend my first race was postponed. Looking forward to first race with the NEMM Supermoto series on April 22nd at the Brockton fairgrounds in Brockton MA.

Apr 2 2018

Only 5 days away now till the first Supermoto race to kick off the SMEC series at Oakland Valley Race Park!! Super excited to get into the new season with all of my awesome sponors and supporters!! I thank you all!!!! 

Mar 27 2018

Both bikes almost completed!!! Two weeks till first race 

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