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Personal History

Hello my names Robert Sprano and I am 33 years old residing in my small hometown in northwest CT. I am a very dedicated and hard working individual. I am a heavy duty diesel mechanic by trade and father of two beautiful daughters who love to learn all about the sport and ride with me, very excited to see them grow there own love for this sport as I did . I have been riding dirt bikes since I could remember. My first bike was an old pw50 and the rest is history. I had a typical childhood growing up in the country, all there was to do was ride! Not only did I ride my self but I would attend every pro national ama event that came my way at either mx338 “the wick” or the legendary Unadilla. I’ve always had a nac for not only riding my bikes but fixing them my self and always making them better in anyway possible. My nights are always spent in the garage wrenching and tweaking everything until it’s rite. I didn’t start compeeting in any events until I was out of high school and did my first hair scramble event. Then I fell in love with compeeting in the sport. I continued on to do small events that where local but I always wanted more. Then in 2011 I bought my first supermoto, a 2010 Husqvarna smr450. So over the years of owning and riding this amazing bike I bagan to fall in love with the sport of supermoto racing and all that it’s about. The thrill of racing pavement and dirt on pure race slicks on a 450 thumper was just mind blowing so after I did my research and prepped my bike I finally made my first supermoto race event on August 28th 2016 at Oakland valley race park in cuddebackville New York as a novice/beginner 450 rider and I won 1st place. I was hooked form there on out. I entered a few more open practices that year to get the feel for this racing style. I practiced every hour I could get a chance too, doing cornering drills around cones in parking lots for hours on end, learning how too transfer my weight in corners and how to effectively performe the beautiful art of “backing it in” to corners. I came out at the beginning of 2017 season ready to compete in the 450 amateur championship at OVRP, I went on to win every one of my races for the championship and took home the first place championship trophy for 450 Supermoto. I am now racing in 250 pro/expert class and the sky’s the limit!!! Now I have my sights on competing nationally in the AMA Pro Lites!

Riding Goals

My riding goals for this season are too finish in top three for the overall in SMEC series 

Too excel in my riding capabilities and keep pushing for more 

Travel to more new tracks and events 

Expand this sport and all it’s about

Make AMA debut!! 


Competitive Highlights

2018 SMEC1 250-PRO  CHAMPION  

I secured podium positions in my first two, 250 pro races! 

Won my very first supermoto race I’ve ever competed in back in 2016

set the fastest lap time at ovrp for 450 amateur class in 2017

had a near flawless championship series at ovrp this year of 2017

podiumed every single race but one in 2017

2017 New England Supermoto Chanpionship 1st place winner 450 amateur class

placed 1st in my very first SMEC race in 2017