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Personal History

Robert Martinez
Preferred race number: 88 / 818
Age: 15
Classes: 250 C / B Mod
              450 C / B Mod
My name is Robert Martinez I am 15 years old and I live in Yucaipa, California. I started riding motorcycles at the age of 3. At the age of 5 I started to race and ever since then I knew I wanted to race for a career.
I was never forced or pushed to get on my motorcycle it was something that I fell in love doing.
I road yamaha my whole life and this year we are trying something new by switching to honda and changing my number to 818. From then to now I have ridden with world motocross legals Chad Reed, Nathan Ramsey,Kyle Regal, and Kyle Chisholm. From California to Florida I traveled with my dad to ride at James Stewart Compound. James and I have been really good friends since 2009. In 2011 Eric Sorby trained me for a full year.

Riding Goals

My main goal for 2013 is to get back were I use to be in racing before my injury's. I been having my ups and downs these pass years. In 2010 I broke my wrist, 2011 I broke both of my ankles, 2012 I broke my L2, L3, L5 lower back also my hip and wrist. My main goal for the 2014 is to qualify for Mammoth, Ponca and Loretta’s Lynn's. Also for 2014 season I want to make a name for my self and stay consistent for the whole season. I will be competing in C class this year and using it as a building block for my move into the B class for next season but I do plan on winning everything I enter. My most recent accomplishment (as of 8/18/2012) is earning a top 10 finish at the Lake Elsinore amateur national which was a big deal for me and my family after an injury filled 2010-2012 season.

Competitive Highlights

My competitive highlight this pass year coming back from injury have been good and bad at some races

Triple Crown Series 2012

Race 1: (Moto 1) 14th  / (Moto 2) 8th

Race 2: DNS (Crash in practice)

Race 3: (Moto 1) 8th  / (Moto 2) 4th

Race 4: DNS


TransWorld Series 2012

Race 1: (Moto 1)  13th / (Moto 2) 10th

Race 2: (Moto 1) 10th / (Moto 2) 10th

Race 3: (Moto 1) 10th / (Moto 2) 8th

Race 4: (Moto 1) 16th / (Moto 2) 10th

Race 5: Coming soon