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Personal History

My name is Robby Schott, I started riding  at 5 with the whole family.  At the age of 8 I started begging my parents to let me race, a few months later my dad bought me a KTM 50.  Several months after that I was put on  a KTM 65 and I've  been Loving it ever since.  My personality is sincere and dedicated.  I always tell everyone "motcross racing is my dream".  I'm one of those kids that it takes no effort getting me to the track.  When it's practice or racing, I am always excited about firing up my dirt bike.  On the track I give it 110% from start to finish.  Off the track, I am known as one of those kids that's good natured and respectful.


My objective is to be a great representative for all my sponsors and build a long term relationship with them.  This will help me continue in doing what I love, racing for the win and someday hopefully the championship.

Riding Goals

 My goal for this season is to continue to improve and take what I've learned  last year and apply it to this season.  I have been working hard on my cornering skills and so that I can improve my lap times.  My plan is to keep practicing 3 times a week, and racing as much as I can on the weekends.  I want to  become one of the top ranked riders in my 65cc class.  My schedule will revolve around racing as many Southern and Northern California events as possible.  I'm planning on attending the 2011 AMA arena cross series, the California Gold Cup Series, World Mini's, Mammoth Motorcross, Ponca City Grand National and the AMA Lynn Amateur National Qualifiers.

Competitive Highlights

 One of my competitive highlights, is when I won the Honolulu fall series last year.  I was so close in points with another racer and I knew I couldn't make one mistake or the other rider would take the win. I really had to push myself every race. That's what made it even better, when I won in both classes.  I'm just so happy to be able to race.  My family is always there to help me.  My sister's always joke and tell me I have to go help them with their horses because they help me so much, so I get stuck cleaning the stable while they ride. I have met so many friends and have traveled to places that I don't think I would of seen if I didn't race.  One of the greatest experiences was going to my first big National at Ponca City.  I had a broken arm and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to quaiify.  After 5 weeks,the bone was healed and i made it to the last few qualifiers. Going to the Ponca City National was a big experience. I saw some of the best riders in the United States, and it really showed me how much I need to improve if I want to be right up there with them.  I just finished the 2010 Trans Cal Series in Southern California and I took 1st place in both 65cc classes, the biggest improvement  for me in that series, was to make sure to hit all the jumps.  Some of the southern tracks can be intimidating, so that was a huge accomplishment for me in the Trans Cal Series.