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Rider Updates

Nov 8 2016

It's official, I clinched the +40 class in the Mo State Mx Championship. I want to thank all my sponsors here on MX Sponsor for their continued support throughout the years. I appreciate all the help you have provided, and understand that I couldn't have done it without all of you. 

I also finished 4th in the + 30 class without racing in the last 3 or 4 races. I wanted to focus on winning the +40 class, but I believe a could have made a run at the 3rd. I played it safe and the end result was well worth it. 

Again, a HUGE "Thank You" to all my sponsors, I'm looking forward to another great racing season in 2017.  Let's go to "Loretta's"....!!!!!

Aug 20 2016

Finally got my first race win in the + 40 class of the Missouri State Series this year. I battled with my nearest competitor in the series in both moto's to pull off both moto wins. This extends my points lead for 1st place and looking forward to the next round coming up on the 28th.

Nov 16 2015

Heading down to Kevin Windam's Party in the Pasture this coming weekend. Should be an amazing time. Weather is looking to be good. Picked up a new ride for 2016, a yz450f 60th Anniversary Edition. That bike is incredibly fast yet easy to ride. Can't wait to hit the track at Windam's. 

Aug 12 2015

Have finally gotten in some practice over the last few weeks. And was able to race this weekend at

Valley Mx. Got some wins under my belt. 1st in over 40, and 1st in over 35. The racing was fair at best with not many entries at the race at all. But this race was more about in putting some laps at a race pace.

I had to race against the clock as the competition just wasen't there. I  concentrated on putting in fast, hard charging laps with hitting my lines consistently. I would have a half lap on the field when the checkered flag came out.

As I said, this is a starting point from being unable to race for the last few months. This summer has been a huge let down for racing. Mother Nature has reeked havoc on my season. I'm hoping to hit atleast 2 races a month until winter is upon us.

I'm hoping for a dry and long fall season of racing.

To my sponsors who continue to support me, Thank You.

Jul 15 2015

And yet again the rain has moved through Kc on my day off, keeping me from another day of planned practice. It's really starting to get depressing. I have yet to get a day of practice in during the last 2 months. This is ridiculous....

Jul 6 2015

Well, hoping to get some riding in this week. With all the rain we have had in the Midwest, the flooding 

of my basement, and the effects it has had on my job, it has been hard to get some seat time in. I'm hoping to get a few days of seat time this week and possibly get my fitness and speed up to par. Got to admit I'm feeling down from not being able to ride at these past few months. Mother Nature has absolutely ruined my plans for a run at the Missouri State Championship, as well as the King of KC Series. 

I'd like to apologize to all my sponsors for not being able to fulfill my responsibilities so far this year. However, it seems that summer may finally be settling in here and I can get back to racing in a few weeks. Please be patient with me as I still plan on hitting as many races as I can once I get some practice in. 

I'd also like to thank all my sponsors who have stuck with me throughout the years, your support is so greatly appreciated. 


Mar 23 2015

Practice at Valley MX yesterday, March 22. Went really well. Felt great on the bike, was able to put in 3 full 15 min motos without feeling tired. Seems like the training is goin well. Got a flat rear tire on the first lap of my 4th moto. Ended my day early but still a positive....looking forward to racing n April..

Mar 17 2015

Practice at KC Moto on Sunday March 15th went well. First practice of the new year. Got some work to do with training and getting the stamina built up but felt good on the bike. After some suspension set up, a couple rides later was able to put in some good laps. Looking forward to the next ride...

Nov 2 2014

went to the new KC Moto track yesterday, Saturday Nov. 1st.

Loved it...the track is laid out long with sweeping corners and good dirt. Looking forward to more riding there before the winter sets in.

Jul 8 2014

Been riding well over the last month, winning some races and feeling good on the bike. Weather and

lack of open riding areas has put a damper on any mid week practicing. Lately haven't got much ride time

in other than racing itself. Got the kx450 back after having 2nd,3rd, and 4th gears replaced along with

a list of other internal parts. The result of some bolt heads snapping off and then bouncing around through

the motor. Bike is running like new after some extensive surgery performed by the excellent mechanic, (Brian) from LCC Powersports here in Liberty, MO. Cant thank those guys enough for the support and

customer service. Thank you Jeff and Duncan....

Will be hitting up Challenge Trax this Friday for the night race then on down to East St. Louis to race

at Archview Mx for the Mo State Series race on Sunday. Lets go grab some holeshots!!!!

May 26 2014

It was a mudfest at HWY 65 MX on May 25th. My 2013 KX450F is down with tranny problems so had to run 250F. Got decent starts and worked my way to the front. I didn't believe I was all that great in the mud but actually ran really well. Got to the lead each race and pulled away. There was only 1 other racer signed up for the +30 class which they ran with us +40 guys (which I beat as well), so I decided to try put my fitness to the test against the young guns of the intermediate class. I Took a 2nd the first race but then got a holeshot the 2nd race and never looked back. Felt good to know my hard work is paying off.

May 19 2014

Had a good race Saturday night at the King of KC series at Challenge Traxx in Kingsville, Mo. Although my starts can use some work, finished well each race. Went 2-1 in the +40 class and 3-3 in the +30 class.

While getting pretty much dead last starts in each of my races, used some good lines to pass and hard charging through the whoops to get by the competition. Felt good on the bike all day and still had some left at the end of the races so I know my training is working.


1st 0verall in +40

3rd overall in +30

May 13 2014

Had  a decent first race of the season, finished 3rd overall in the 40+ class of the Mo State championship at Merwin, Mo on May 4th, 2014.  Had some issues with my 2013 kx450f sticking in third gear during the first moto, had to switch to my 2014 kx250f for the second moto. Didnt get the best of starts against the 450's but charged hard and finished 4th in the moto and 3rd for the day. Happy with my result for my first race of the season. Looking forward to next race. Thank you to all my sponsors for making the bikes run and look amazing.  Posting pics soon..

Apr 3 2014

Had a good day of practice at Archview MX in East St Louis last weekend. Got the bike dialed in a bit. Had my best ride of the day on the last practice. When everyone else was tired and lagging, I was logging my best times as the track was rough and rutted. A good day...

Nov 13 2013

Spent this weekend getting the new KX dialed in. Had some great weather on sunday to go along with a great day of riding. RJ had the track at Kingsville in perfect shape, even after all the rain and cold weather from during the week. Work is gonna keep from racing the Liquid Nitro Arena Cross on Friday but I should make it to the Sat. night race for sure. Looking forward to putting the LCC Powersports, Monster Energy Kawasaki on the top step. Thank you to all my sponsors here on MX Sponsor for staying behind me after such an injury riddeled year. 2014 is gonna be much better.

Apr 8 2013

Had a great weekend of riding at the MIdwest Spring Series race held at HWY 65 MX in Cole Camp, Mo.

Although my results are a bit mediocre, my riding was above par. This was my first race after breaking my tib/fib in Nov.

Being the only 250f in the class, these were hard fought battles for every position. At one point in my last race of the day, I had a two-fer, passed 2 riders in one corner....(railed the outside). One of these riders a passed Loretta Lynn's +30 Champion.

My confidence is growing and I look forward to my next race...