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Personal History

Began riding at age 12 however i never competed until 1998 where i raced the local arena cross track and also fair grounds, the Westmoreland Arenacross. finding success there i wanted to race the bigger tracks which seemed to fit my style of riding. Thus in 1999 i began racing all the PA district 5 races and i raced at 4 national races, Troy Ohio, Budd's Creek, Steel City, High Point for the next 5 years. As we all encounter injuries a few held up my progression up but still won 4 of the Pa District Series. in C class and moving to B class.

 In mid 2004 after winning a spring series i decided to step away and allow my body to heal correctly. My desire for racing still was in me so i did 5k running races and other sorts of athletic sports to occupy my desire to race but along with that it helped me to heal and be stronger.

Fast forward to 2013 with the coxing of my new wife and family (mother and daughter) i decided to ride and race again. My first race back was the High Point Vet National. placing top 6 made me realize what had been missing the past few years.. Enough said the fire still burned so here i am once again racing, doing what i love to do. I may to NOT be the fastest but i love riding, i love racing with  all my sponsors help i will continue to race and show my 3 year old son about the sport i love...encouraging him to follow in my foot steps..