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Personal History

Hello my name is Reginald Lapointe and I am applaying for sponsorship for the 2018 season. This will be my third season fully committed to the ADRA ( Alberta Dirt Riders Association ) I am 37 years and working towards bringing recognition to motocross highly decispline fun sport. Over the last 3 years I have practiced at Cold Lake Motocross Track in the City of Cold Lake I was also a director on the Cold Lake Motocross Assciation where my respect and passion for motocross came to the surface. Also in the last year I have changed my job 3 times ( but stayed in the same field of work ) witch gave me the opertunity where I can race on the weekends.

My days start at 3 am when I drive to Lloydminster Alberta ( where I’m moving to ) from Cold Lake Alberta 2 hr drive and work for Intricate Well servicing as a roughneck working under Ryan Carter long time friend. The reson for doing this is to work on the rental property I bought last July also Lloydminster has access to 3 motocross tracks, Lucas Bachman memorial raceway Leathal Training Facility’s and Alcurve motocross track. In Lloydminster in the future I will buy another house, a percentage of this income will go to a none profit organization I am currently working on, directed towards at risk youth. Y 1 is the name of my organization, Y meaning why not and most importantly love Y ourself, and growing up as a mislead youth I personal know some times taking care of your self is some times not common sense but some thing that’s learned, love yourself ! 1 meaning you only have one shout one chance at this life so start now be present in the moment and concuss of yourself and your decessions take time to reflection everyday, one year one hour one second be one with yourself. 

Any help from the MX Sponsor would be greatly appreciated. In the following resume I will exsplane my graphics kit and how it applies to motocross and myself ridding goals and past ridding achievements. 

This is my 2017 CRF 450 R, the key here is Honda I myself ride a Honda because of the ride red program Honda offers to the armature motocross racers. And every person should have a chance to ride a new bike and Honda being cheap and low interest rate offer a chance for almost anyone to ride. I myself paid for my bike but think it’s a great idea.


Stealth Graphics Why because they sponsore the ADRA they help Alberta Motocross so I help them.


RDS ( Red Dragon Skateboards ) logo. Why ? Because TJ Rogers gives away skateboards for Christmas and that’s badass !! Fasthouse because they promote a more layed back type of racing, hanging out with friends having fun.


From top to bottom. Moto XXX why because we all watched moto xxx videos growing up. Smelly from NOFX started this years ago and it’s still alive and I’m sure you know how they help out Brian Deegan. Next Trasher why because I’m a big fan of Phelps and I saved my money and got in shape skateboarding and am I huge fan of Trasher magazine. Next NOFX why because they are my favourite band and well there drummer Smelly started Moto XXX. And last The Nine Club with Chris Roberts it’s a skateboarding talk show with a positive vibe witch gives insite to the history of skateboarding and helpfully hints how to act in the industry. And they always have self help books in the background on a bookshelf witch they never mention but I find myself reading.

Next my race number 979, why because I grew up riding a 1979 RM 125 it wasn’t much but it was good escape from the world and allowed me to have fun with the little money I had. And last most important why do I ride today the same reason as when I was 12 when I first got on a bike because it’s 100% freedom an escape from the world and to have fun. And that’s why I ride to promote the cerenity of motocross the because I can tell you this I don’t care how cool my bike looks or what my gear looks like or if I’m in first or last place I’m focused on what I’m doing nothing else. As I move up a class the more focused I become on the sport and the more freedom I have.

Riding Goals

Number one ridding goal of the 2018 outdoor season is to be consistent with speed and most important feel comfortable winning and taking the lead. By the end of the year I will be at a pro amature ridding level. One of the hardest obstacles for myself is balancing racing with everyday life, one of my goals is to show you can work out ride race clean the house cook walk the dog and have a social life and be a competitive rider. My weeks do revolve around motocross but as I get better with preparation and bike maintenance it leaves time to be an active productive member of the community.

Competitive Highlights

2016 Alberta Dirt Riders Association Provical Series 

Vet JP 1 st 

Vet Junior 1 st

MX 1 Junior 3rd -30 ( working could not make it to the last race of season ) 

MX 3 Junior 3rd -27

2017 Alberta Dirt Riders Association Provical Series 

Vet Junior 1 st

Vet GP 2nd -83

MX 1 Junior 2nd -54 ( crashed last race of season with massive first place lead, lesson learned ! )-

MX 3 Junior 4 th -50 

2017 Midwest Amateur MX Series 

Vet +30 3rd

A Class 7th ( pro intermediate mix )