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Personal History

I started riding when I was 10. I got my first bike on Christmas it was an xr100. Then when I was 15 after saving up enough money I bought my second bike, a yz125. That is the bike I ride today. I have only been in two races (1st and 3rd places) but have been to a lot of tracks and have rode a lot. My parents didnt help support my racing expenses therefore I soon couldn't afford it. Other than that I love to ride more than anything and I do every chance I get and when I have money to pay for it. Other than riding motorcross I love to wakeboard, surf, skateboard, play paintball, BMX, and anything else that will give me an adrenaline rush.

Riding Goals

Just to become a better rider, improve my skills, and ride as much as i possibly can. Overall I want to have the opportunity to place in a national race.

Competitive Highlights

Well, I have only been in two races where i placed 1st and 3rd.