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Personal History

Ive been riding since i was 4 years old and racing since i was 9 ive been from pw50s kx 60s< 65s 85s superminis school boy all B classes. My father owns a motocross company called they sell parts and accessories basically like from tucker rocky and PU ,the business is based on his ebay store from him buying bikes stripping them down and selling the parts online, hes been doing that for 10 years and counting! sponsored local tracks for many years and local riders also, i also work part time for my dad!


Riding Goals

i really dont think i will be a James or Ricky but i think i can be a local pro maybe do a few supercrosses hopefully get the track time like i need soi  can get to that next level i have a track being worked on near the house now and im about to start riding hard again i go to the gym everyday and stay physically ready to perform  i wanna go to Lorretas this year and perform , i dont wanna be just another guy out there anymore i wanna push myself this year!

Competitive Highlights

ive won a couple small 80 cc championships the biggest one though is the 2008 parts unlimited ultra series championship i won in the 125 2 stroke am class i was 14 at the time it seems like a while ago but every time i look at it i want another one haha! i have also some 2nds and 3rds im thankful to have them but i rather have 1st