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Personal History

My name is Andres Ramos a kid who loves to ride dirtbikes! Its all i really do, just train and ride. I like to have fun by going out to the beach every once and a while but most of the times me and my dad are out on the track trying to become the best.

Riding Goals

My goals for riding is to go pro and make a name for my self. My main goal is to go pro. Its all i really want and i work hard for it. Also to have a very good amateur career. One of my other goals in life is to win Lorettas. I know it takes alot of hard work to get there but i feel like i have what it takes to make that dream happen.

Competitive Highlights

When i race all i want to do is win. Its all that goes in my mind before the gate drops. I have a few wins already but i want to be up there with the big names at the races that count the most.