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Personal History

I am 9 years old and have been riding since about March of 2010 and I have been racing since May 1st, 2010.  I have raced all over Oklahoma, Texas< Missouri and Kansas.  I ride 2-3 times a week at local tracks that have organized practice or my practice track at my mimi and papa's.  I love to ride, go to the lake, play baseball and basketball and hang out with my brother.

I just completed my last year in the 50 7-8 class and my first season in the 65 class   I raced arenacrosses throughout Oklahoma. I raced the Loretta Lynn's regional at Ponca City and Bar 2 Bar in Kansas. I raced the entire Oklahoma State Championship Series. I raced 2 classes at this year RPM Ponca City National which was Awesome! 

This past year I've realized how much work you have to put into racing to be good and  my family and I decided we should spend more time training.  I attended the Oklahoma FCA MX camp at Reynard Raceway learning fundamentals from several instructors. I was able to attend two different Zac Mashburn schools. They were two day schools where he teaches proper techniques and really stresses corner speed which was very beneficial. I  was also able to spend several days throughout the summer at Reynard Training Complex where I got instruction from one of my heroes Robbie Reynard. While there, I was able to train with some of the top big bike and little bike amateurs around.  

Riding Goals

I really enjoy arenacross so I will spend this winter hitting as many arenacrosses as I can.  I am going to attend some of the Texas Winter Series events.  I  want to attend the James Stewart Spring National in March to see where I stand and what I need to work on. My main focus this summer will be training so that I can qualify for Loretta Lynn's in the 65 7-9 class.

Competitive Highlights

In 2010, I won my first ever arenacross in Ft. Smith Arkansas.  I got second overall in two classes in the King of Moto City series this summer. I finished 1st overall in Reynard Raceway's Fall Series in 50 oi, and 2nd overall in 50 4-6.

In 2011, I finished 4th overall in 50 4-6 and 50 oi in the Okla State Championship Series. I finished top ten in the OKC arenacross by Cycle City Promotion. I finished 22 and 26 at my first ever National in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

In 2012, I won the OKC arenacross by Cycle City Promotions. I finished 2nd overall in the Oklahoma State Championship Series in 50 4-6 and 5th overall in 50 open. I finished 4th overall at the Loretta's regional at Reynard Raceway. I finished 12 and 14 in the 50 4-6 stock and mod class at Ponca City National, and 22 overall in the 50 open class. I finished 2nd overall in 50 7-8, 3rd overall in 50 open and 5th overall in 65 open classes at the Reynard Raceway Fall series.