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Basic Steps for Beginners to Sew Fur

You are going to work on the project of sewing fur? You think it will be hard to make things with fur. And you still don't know how to do it? Don't worry, we are here to help you. This post will provide you how to sew fur step by step. Let use your best basic sewing machine and practice with us.

1. Marking

You can make this major blunder in the marking department as a beginner. At the time you prepare the fabric for the cutting, you should mark from the back of the garment. You shouldn't mark from the front because the marks will not go away easily. So, you cannot view the marks straight on the fur. You should mark with the help of fabric chalk or invisible ink from the wrong side. After that, you can start cutting the garment.

At the time you prepare the fabric for the cutting, you should mark from the back of the garment

2. Cutting

Cutting the fur is amazing and unique technique. Instead of cutting the whole fabric, you only need to cut the fabric base on the fur where you mark. You will need a pair of sharp scissors for the cutting purpose. Then, insert your scissors in the knit jersey fabric base on the fur faux garment. Remember to cut a small part instead of cutting the big one. Your scissor may shake due to the pressure when you make a big cut. Then, your fabric thread could be damage. It will be better if you use a basic sewing machine. You can read Expert Reviews On What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy to get more information.

3. Pins

You should use longer pins when you work with fake fur for the sewing. With an ordinary fabric, a small universal pin can penetrate and stick to the board. But, it cannot work with the fake fur. So, you need to have longer and sharper pins to insert into the garment. You can easily to insert them to the fur and jersey fabric. Also, you can stick your stuff to the board for the next step. You should have the right kind of supplies to deal with the special fur when you work with the faux fur.

4. Needle and Stitches

You need to have universal needles in your sewing box

You need to have universal needles in your sewing box. It is useful when you sew something ordinary. But, everything is different when you sew the fur faux. You need to change the settings of your best first sewing machine. You can find some interesting information in this article A Buyer's Guide To Your Best First Sewing Machine You Should Know. You should have a thick needle for the sewing machine. With that needle, you can stitch properly without breaking in the middle of the project. You also need to have a different thick thread as well. So, your thread will remain strong at the time of stitching. Then, you don’t have insert thread again and again into the needle.

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