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Before you learn how to clean every component of your vaping device, you will first need to learn its parts. Pen-style vaporizers are one the most common vaping devices. Box mods are also common and are similar in components. The difference in these two designs is that box mods are usually bulkier, but their batteries usually hold more power. Box mods also tend to enhance the flavour of the juice.


Whatever design of a vaping device, there are usually 3 main parts.

The first is the tank. This component is where your juice is held and stored. This component is usually attached to the atomizer.

The second component is the coil. This component functions by using the power of your batteries to generate heat and then vaporize the juice

The third component is the battery. This is the heart and power source of your device. Vape batteries come in many types, and some can be detached from the unit. Some vaping devices have controllable temperature and voltage features.

How Frequent you Should Clean your Vaping Device
The one component that you should regularly clean is your vaping device’s tank. You wouldn’t want to taste mixed juices in the vapour. Some vape users find mixed flavours to be unpleasant. So whenever you change your juice, it’s important to rinse your vape tank.

For optimum flavour, I suggest that you clean your vape tank once a week. You can then clean the entire vaping device every few weeks. But at any time you feel that your vaping device isn’t functioning optimally, you may need to do a full cleaning.