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Rider Updates

Oct 6 2022

Looking forward to next racing season already. Starting to get things set up and rolling for the 2023 racing season. All sponsorship and help is very appreciated. With out sponsors and help racing would not be possible.

Oct 4 2022

Even with the pain in my arms and hands and have trouble holding on to the bike I will be racing the last 2 nesc races. I want to get out on the track and to the race track to represent all my sponsors from this year. With out my sponsors help I would have not had any chance to race this year. I am very very thankful and grateful for all the support I have received this year and in years past.

Oct 3 2022

The 2022 racing season has not gone to plan. Started having bad pain in my hand and arms. After multiple trips to different types of doctors and multiple test they have pinpointed the issue to my neck. Will be going for a mri of my neck and then see what is needed to get me back to 100% for next season.

Apr 25 2022

Raced central village in connecticut with the nesc organization. Had a good day with friends and an ok day racing. Wasn't 100% comfortable on the bike yet and still working on set up. Was able to finish 12th in the 30+ b class