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Personal History

Raced motocross for 15 years and took a brake from racing. Now getting back in to racing dirtbikes. I started riding dirtbike when u was 5 years old. My fist bike was and old mini bike with a briggs and starton engine that me and my dad rebuilt together. And after my first time riding it I fell in love with riding. It became my passion. Growing up my life revoled around dirtbike and riding. My first real motocross bike that I got to ride was my dad's 1973 yamaha 175. I rode that every day during the summer and every day after school. In 1997 my parents bought me a 1996 kawasaki kx 100. I would ride that every day I could throw the year. In 1998 I started racing motocross. My dad, mom would always take me racing. During my years racing my family and me made lots of amazing memories and made some great friends. After graduating a technical high school with a degree in automotive I went to work as a motorcycle mechanic for 6 years. After 6 years I left working on bikes to go in to the automotive field. After switching fields I still always working on dirtbike on the side. I alway help any one out with there bikes any way I can. I love riding and the sport and try to give back to the sport I love and gave me the amazing opertunity to make so many amazing memories with my family growing up. I love wrenching on dirtbike and teaching people how to fix there bikes and properly maintain them. I have a never give up attitude. In 2001 i had a bad crash at the begining of a race and broke my coller bone in 3 places. After the crach and being in pain i got back on my bike and finished the race. I went from last place to finish 10th. After the race was over i had to take the ambulance to the hospital. Going to race my 2003 kawasaki kx250 again for the 2024 season.

Riding Goals

To go out and have fun and enjoy my self. And make more memories with my wife and friends that now join me at the track. Also promote all of my amazing sponcers for the support they have given me. Goal for 2024 it to make a run at the new england sports committee's 30+ amature championship. Also to race some random different motocross races in new england.

Competitive Highlights

Making the 85b class in 1999 Finishing 10th in chamionship points in the gp class in 2000 against pros to novices Making 125b in 2001. Finishing in the top 10 I multiple races in the 250 and 125 b classes in 2002 Having a top 10 in the 125b class first time ever riding the new 2004 kawasaki kx250f.