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Personal History

My name is Nolan Whitney. I am 13 years old, from East Randolph Vermont. I have a blended family and when I'm with my dad we race! I have been on motor vehicles since I was 3 years old. I would consider myself a gear head. My dad has taught me everything I know. He helps me learn mechanically how to take care of my dirt bikes. I research and learn new things about riding all the time. I have been told a lot to try having conversations about other subjects because all I do is talk and think and breathe motocross. I started to ride when I was 6 years old on a little honda 50. I quickly switched to a cobra 50 and is in love with 2 strokes. I'm currently upgraded to a Suzuki RM85. Last riding season was my first time on my 85. I'm really looking forward to the riding season coming up.

Riding Goals

I want to work on my 85 to get it race ready. I want to push myself harder in competition. I would like to get faster with executing berms. I am also trying to keep my tires on the ground more to become a faster rider. I'm working on how to scrub over jumps. I have a little brother with autism and I want to be a good positive role model for him, because he loves riding and cheering me on. He is a part of my pot crew. I want to push myself and ride with more advanced riders.

Competitive Highlights

In Vermont there are limited motocross tracks. We have been branching out and finding more tracks in New Hampshire and New York. We get a lot of snow and this makes our season of motocross shorter than other places. Last year was a learning curve for me with the 85. I came in 4th most times. When I was on my 65cc I was continually coming in 1st and 2nd every race.