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Try out some new camera apps for your smartphone - Footej on Android!

Today, even cheap smartphones are equipped with good cameras. At the same time, a standard application for working with a camera often does not cope well with its task. You can install one of many third-party applications, but, as a rule, they are rather overloaded, confused and not suitable for a simple user. So why don’t try a unique camera app that can satisfy your needs? With the Footej Camera app, your photos will look better, and the app won't need much from your Android.
About the app and its functions
Footej Camera - a Selfie camera app that offers users to create beautiful photos as convenient as possible, as well as make short videos and GIF animations for the mobile gadget desktop. You can choose the automatic mode and just enjoy the process, and you can manually achieve the desired result with certain features. Fans of seeing the world through the lens will be extremely pleased with Footej Camera.
Footej is a kind of balance between a standard Camera application with a minimum of settings and a more professional application. You can adjust the exposure and white balance, but nothing more the application will not require you. As a rule, this is enough to get a good shot.
Footej works with the Camera 2 API on compatible devices. It has HDR modes, timer, grid, and burst mode. Shooting video in Slow Motion mode is available.
The application interface is quite simple, and many may recall the standard Camera application for iOS. There is nothing wrong. As for the result, everyone will appreciate it in their own way. Fortunately, you can install Footej Camera for free and try it out.
The main features of the application
You can divide the photo into zones and highlight the main;
Exposure metering;
Finished pictures and videos can be sorted;
There is access to the built-in gallery;
"Burst" function;
It is possible to create gifs;
It is possible to customize programs manually;
You can select the shooting format;
It is possible to take photos while shooting video;
The function "perfect selfie";
Panoramic shooting;
You can adjust the interval during continuous shooting;
The function "Long video";
Instant removal of unsuccessful images;
Preview photo.
Well, that’s about it about Footej. Hopefully, after our brief description, you now have full information about this app. To summarize, this camera successfully balances between the number of offered features and simplicity. You can adjust the ISO and many other shooting parameters manually, achieving better picture quality. However, Footej Camera is not overloaded with advertising and has a simple, minimalistic interface.
But in order to unlock the full potential of the application, you should purchase a paid version. This will disable the restriction on the quality of the pictures and the length of the videos. What are your thoughts on this camera app and its functions? Are you willing to download the paid version from the apk store? Leave your thoughts down below. Refer to another Camera apk download to have more options. Cheers!