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Rider Updates

Nov 10 2020

Thanks for all the support that you have given me. After two major knee surgeries, I'm finally back on the bike and doing a few races. I'm still rebuilding but things are looking good. I had tired the TKO this year what a blast that was, My fitness ended my day early  but can't wait to go back and try it again.  

Jul 30 2019

Sorry guys, Looks like I have to have another knee surgery. Something happened to the ACL. I hope to get back to racing soon.  Thanks to all of you for the support !


Nick Miller

Jun 22 2019

I finally got healed up ,I had really bad crash at the Revlimiter but  back to motocross this weekend at New Hartford.  I rode well and was able to get on top of the box.

Jan 30 2019

1st race of the year went well. I finished good and my fitness is really good. Looking forward to the race season.

Dec 28 2018

I wanted to thank all my sponsors in 2018. This wasn't my best year early injuries set me back this year. We lost most of our races from August to the end of the year with flooding. Including my clubs home race in NewHartford (Hare Scramble) Iowa. On the good side of things in the Motocross races my club runs I work with new riders in a begging program, I work with the kids before, during and after the race. Trying to build a better motorcross  future for our program. I love working with the kids and new riders. It's a long day of running between gate drops and running around the track but I Love it.


Nick Miller

Feb 28 2017

I wanted to thank all my sponsors again; I appreciate all you do for me. I’m ready for a great new year. Unfortunately It be a slow start. I broke my collar bone practicing for the endurocross in January. But it’s going to be a busy year. I’m really excited for this season to get under way. I had some great improvement from last year. With my improved fitness and new bike things are going to be great. Additionally I will be working with the “Cedar Valley Rotary Club” this year as a spokesman during the racing season. This will greatly expand the people I will be working with. I will also be Hosting the New Hartford Harescramble in Iowa (IERA). Also we will have the banquet that follows the racing season.
Nick Miller

Sep 19 2016

I have a new video on #1digwaterloo.   I'm featured at 19, 1:20, 1:23,1:34 & 1:46.   Thanks for all of your support.


Nick Miller

Sep 13 2016

I had a much improved race this weekend. Even if the results don't so it.  Been working hard in my cornering. I've close some of the gap between the top rider and my self.

Jun 28 2016

My results have improved greatly since I got the newer bike.  I should have had second place this weekend, but there was a bad crash on the start and someone hit a tree, I had to check up and got pushed to the back of the line.   I was still able to get to third place even with a few mistakes of my own. I’m looking forward to the next race

Mar 19 2016

I want to thank all my 2016 year sponsors!  First race in the "A" class went well. I bent my rear brake level  and had to stop and bend it back. I was unable to use my rear brake the rest of the race. I rode well and felt good at the end of the race!

Jan 25 2016

Thanks again to all my 2015 sponsors and to my 2016 sponsors  I was notified by the IERA (Iowa Enduro Riders)  that I'm being moved up to the "A" class for this years Hare Scramble / Enduro Season.  I'm excited in a new challenge this will present for the 2016 year.   


Nick Miller

Oct 13 2015

I would like to thank all my Sponsors for teh 2015 year. I finished 1st Place in the IERA Vet B class for the 2015 year.


Thanks You 

Nick Miller

Jul 15 2015

Last race was great!  I actually had second place but scoring made a mistake and I didn't see it in time.  Looking for another 1st place soon!

Apr 14 2015

This last weekend, I was able to put it all together with a dead last start I came all way through the pack to get my first district win, and 2nd in my class in Prophets Town, Ill.

Apr 6 2015

I want to thank all my sponsors, all that great gear made racing this long so much easier!  I made a run at the Off Road Cup this weekend (ironman +35). A Flat tire set me back some, but I was charging hard when I got leg cramps that I just could not shake! 

Dec 24 2014

I wanted to thank all my sponsors for 2014 year!  It wasn't the year I had expected to have, my knee surgery at the end of 2013 was a lot worse then they first thought, this slow down my recovery. I was making very strong head way by the end of the series! I'm probably in the best shape of my life now and looking for to another good year. I wish all of you a happy holidays!


Nick Miller