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Personal History

I am 13 years old and i race super mini, 85 A class, and schoolboy. However, most of the time my 125 is broken. I win almost all of my local races and I compete nationally. I am home schooled so I can go riding more often. because of this, i was able to spend four weeks at MTF this year.

Riding Goals

My goal for next year is to finish mid pack at Loretta Lynn’s in super mini. I am also going to work on getting faster on my 125 because my main focus right now is going to minio's on my super mini and 85.

Competitive Highlights

This year was one of those seasons were everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. Therefore, I didn’t have to many highlights. However, the kid who won my regional, I beat him at the area qualifier. I just didn’t have very good luck, and he did.