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Rider Updates

Mar 27 2023

It felt great to get back to the races after fighting some health issues, getting engaged, and weather keeping me from riding. I haven't done a multi day event soce i was a kid and tough i faced some challenges and adversity just to make it happen, I'm glad I did because I won the overall from 5 motos in my class 30 intermediate. Good starts and smooth riding were the key. I'm glad I was in the gym lately because this track was rough.


Dec 18 2022

Last Race of the year was at my home track, Cahuilla Creek Mx. I was riding with a sore shoulder from my Glen Helen crash but managed a 2-2 for second overall. This makes it 3 for 3 in 2022 for getting second overall at tis track. I'm very happy to end my first year back racing on a positive note after suffering some recent adversity. 


Thanks to all my sponsors!!

Dec 5 2022

A rough day at Glen Helen yesterday saw me DNF unfortunately with a shoulder injury. I managed to catch this crash on my GOPro, so at least some good footage for the youtube channel. Always gotta stay positive right?


Though I was disappointed to have this happen, I have to say this was my favorite version of GH I have ridden with the biggest hills opened up. I'll definitely be back for more here soon.

Nov 21 2022

Was great to be back racing again yesterday at a track that is new to me. A small throttle issue had me have to pull off for a quick fix in moto 1, but moto 2 was a solid win. Ended up second overall. 


Will be racing Glen Helen again December 4th ! Can't wait for another shot at this track!

Jun 19 2022

Rough day at glen Helen today. Good starts in both motos, but unfortunately mistakes in both motos cost me putting me back to 6th overall in a field of 12 intermediate riders.

Jun 13 2022

Stocked for my third race back this Sunday at Glen Helen! Hoping to get my first overall after coming oh so close my first two tries. Will third time be the charm?


My first race as a kid in 1992 was at Glen Helen. Sunday being Father's Day and my Dad no longer with us I'll definitely be riding my best to make him proud.