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Personal History

Check out my YouTube channel, Five Four Racing!

I was very fortunate to grow up in a time and place where riding was very popular. Starting in Riverside area in 1992, there were lots of places to ride around our house and a number of local tracks having races. This also meant lots of pretty good riders. One of my friends growing up even went on to become a factory rider and even win a supercross and outdoor nationals. Though my family wasn't willing to get my brother the best bikes all the time or take us racing constantly, we were really lucky to get exposed to allot of fast kids and going to some pretty cool races here and there. 


I raced on and off until 2006 then I sadly took a long break after some bad injuries and life situations. I finally started riding again in 2015 and was trying to get back to racing when I was hit by my worst injuries ever breaking both wrists and my right femur in 2016. I am happy I didn't give up. 


I bought a new 2018 for $5700 off the showroom because nobody wanted it. I've done my best to modify the bike on a low budget and it gets lots of attention being a bike less seen. You can't help but notice the only bright yellow bike ripping a hole shot!


I have just started racing again at my local track with 1 -2 finishes for second overall at my 2 races so far. I have shown to be a strong starter pulling the last 3 hole shots and have won half my motos so far in the intermediate class, placing second in the others. I have plans to race Glen Helen next followed by Lake Esinore.

Riding Goals

To show steady improvement in my local racing club and progress into the expert division as soon as possible.


To seek sponsorships and be a positive role model to younger riders.


To continue to grow my youtube channel via my racing videos. 


To continue to represent the Suzuki brand in my local racing scene. 

Competitive Highlights

5/22/2022 first race since 2006. 1 - 2 moto scores in local intermediate support class for 2nd overall.  Included one hole shot.


6/12/2022 1 - 2 moto scores in local intermediate support class for 2nd overall. Hole shot both motos. 


11/20/2022 3 -1 for 2nd overall in intermediate class at a track I've never been to before with a holes hot in moto 2