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Personal History

I am current in college and studying to become a bone and joint specialist. I have an amazing girlfriend who supports me 100 percent and an amazing family who also does the same. My brother also races motocross in the 125 b class and my dad was working for his pro license but then he got hurt and had me and my brother i race every race for him to show how much it means to me that he would give up his dream just to be able to support my mom, brother and me. I am outgoing and the type of person who if i put my mind to something i will do it. I will try anything at least once and i have the drive to come back from anything i will not be put down. I push myself to the limit and when i think i cant go anymore i just find it in myself to find the drive and keep going no matter what it takes. I always make the most of every second and i will not dweel on the past.

Riding Goals

my goal this year is to better myself with every race and to take at least 5th in both the 250b and the 14-24 class.

Competitive Highlights

The best competitive highlight was taking 3rd overall in the 250c class  in the 06 racing season.