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Personal History

I grew up with a father who loved the sport of motocross.  He raced throughout my childhood and continues to race (when he can).

I have been a trustee of the Pagoda Motorcycle Club for the past 6 years.  Pagoda Motorcycle Club is located in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania.  Pagoda has a dirt motocross track that allows it's members to practice and race competitively.  I have been involved behind the racing scenes and on the starting line.  I try to race as often as possible.  I have access to many high caliber race tracks within 2-3 hours of my home.

I enjoy traveling to the Nationals tracks for the pro racing and also participate in their amatuer days.  I have had the priviledge of riding with such great riders as Tony DeStefeno, Ty Wallace and many others.

I have participated in the Winter Olympics in Florida for several years as well as the Troy Lee Day in the Dirt in California.  Every opportunity to race is a challange and a thrill.

I do not have a sponsor team and do most racing by myself in my pickup truck.  Getting to the racetrack is the most important thing.

I am looking for any type of help or sponsorship discounts that will help allow me to continue to do the one thing I love, motocross racing.  I am very appreciative for any help that I receive and am always willing to "shout my thanks from the rooftop".


Riding Goals

I am looking forward to running some of the local sponsored series in my area.  I plan to continue to attend as many Pro National Races and their amatuer day programs.  I want to continue to practice and hope to increase my skill.

Competitive Highlights

I recently attended the Troy Lee Day in the Dirt in California.  It was an fantastic opportunity.  I participated in their Coup De Grace race and finished 65th out of 250 riders.  The track was extensive and brutal both physically on myself and on my bike.  It continues to be a highlight in my racing career.  Being around the motocross legends and racing beside them on a technically hard track will be something I always remember.