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Personal History

Been riding freeride-enduro basically since I was 10 im 23 now, I live in an area that allows me to ride a variety if different types of terrain, single track, cross training, and wide open dirt. I ride a re-built brand new Ssr xf250. Have been bvery impressed with the light weight enduro feel of this bike and its low and high end power, dispite it being origionally a chinese built bike. I attend butte college and have completed emt training as of last year,  am not going into welding due to the demand in my area for welders. 

Riding Goals

I would like to use this year to continue to create quility content shot in 4k with local talented photographers, looking for any type of sponsorship, has always been my goal. My life long dream. I wake up thinking about riding, go to sleep thinking anout riding, and when im not attending college i am riding and progressing every day.

Competitive Highlights

Competed in the sea otter (downhill mtb race) about 5 years ago placed overall 17th. I get my style of riding from big mountain downhill riding.