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Personal History

Started riding before age 5, raced and riden with the top of my generation. LOOKING TO REPRESENT SOME GREAT SPONSORS AS I TAKE MY CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! PRACTICING WITH EX PROS! Also actively involved with the church and also served at bethel school of supernatural ministry. With Christ who gives me strength i WILL rise to the top

Riding Goals

Been training hard physically for a few months and am back on the bike now seeing huge gains every day. riding 3 or more times a week, have no fears and nothing to lose, going to see how far i can take my personal career

Competitive Highlights

65cc beginner championship @ perris raceway 

65cc winner at lake elsenor grand prix 

Won many races at El Cajon Mx

Won many races at Barona Oaks.

also won many races at star west

2nd place overall 250 novice barona oaks santacross