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Personal History

I started out racing pw50’s in southern Missouri as a kid. I raced off and on until I was 16, and just kind of faded out of racing. I joined the military a few years later and just didn’t get back into it until now. I recently got my 6 yr old son Ezra into racing MX on quads and dirt bikes, and decided to get a bike of my own so we can get into the sport together. We’ve been racing for 5 months now and we’re both improving at each race.

Riding Goals

We get faster every time We go out, my goal is for us to continue to race, have a great time and win as many races as We can. 

Competitive Highlights

My most competitive race so far was my last race. I was no more than a tire back from 1st the whole race, I just didn’t find a way to get the win.

Ezra has been in a battle for the podium in most of the races he’s entered on his quad,  for the short amount of time he’s been racing, he is quickly becoming one of the faster kids in his class.