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late night snack Eat and not feel guilty

late night snack Eat and not feel guilty when entering the night Our internal organs begin to stop working and enter a resting period. The hormone that stimulates you to feel sleepy is high. The sympathetic nervous system will begin to play a greater role in mind control. The stomach and intestines change their function from digesting food during the day to absorbing nutrients instead. The body and brain will become tired. Leaning down, it was as if the roots were attached to the ground until it became difficult to move. And then, at that moment, we'll come up with that. "Eat something good"

and because we feel guilty about eating late at night So I think that if it's good food for your body, ลดความอ้วน you should be able to eat it! Many Japanese people, when hungry late at night, choose to eat brown rice with natto. or soba that looks healthy or the Kinpirakóbos (Japanese stir-fried vegetables that are famous in the diet category), Konjac, nuts or dried fruits. Which eating these foods during the day will help slow down digestion. and help maintain blood sugar levels from rising too quickly But it takes time to digest after eating for a long time. Eating late at night makes these foods stay in the stomach and intestines longer. which increases the burden on our body before bedtime

Foods that take a long time to digest

brown rice / buckwheat / oats / noodles / curry / konjac / sweet potatoes / gobo root / mushrooms / boiled beans / natto / cooked protein foods such as meat or fish / Fish balls / Octopus / Octopus / Fresh cream / Chocolate / Donuts / Nuts / Dried fruit, etc.

Isn't it strange that such food appears to be a food that They are both "healthy" and "low-calorie".

Then what should we choose for a late night meal?

The criterion for choosing is to choose foods that do not burden the body.

Choosing to eat foods that take longer to digest creates a burden on your body and affects your quality of sleep. causing the body to not fully rest and prevented when waking up in the morning feeling unrefreshed

Let's take a closer look. What are the foods that take a long time to digest?


Vegetable oils and fatty foods fill the stomach. But it will take a long time to digest. Eating fried foods like fried chicken, tempura, ramen, yakisoba, or fatty foods like noodles, donuts, chocolate, fresh cream, etc. before bed can cause a stomach ache the next morning.

fiber food

Usually, this type of food is the food that the body needs. but not suitable for eating at night Because these foods—brown rice, buckwheat, oats, low-calorie mushrooms, and konjac—all take longer to digest. And be careful of eating too many nuts or dried fruits.