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Personal History

Born and raised in West Texas an hour north of Amarillo, every since I was 4 and my dad put me on a PW50 riding has been my passion other than wrestling in my youth. Grew up trail riding and mountain riding my whole life and never did any sanction type racing at all. First profession was automotive work since I’ve always been handy with a wrench doing my own maintenance and work on my dirt bikes as a kid. I joined the army three years later at 19 and served for 4 years, I was injured in Afghanistan on a deployment in 2011 and was medically retired in 2013. I went back to my hometown of Borger Tx and started auto body repair again and in 2016 became shop manager. I finally gathered enough time and finances to acquire a bike and start racing the summer of 2017 and every since I have started sanctioned racing I have been in love with it, obsessed would be the wife’s turn. Though I never raced groomed track it came natural for me and soon found the novice class was to mellow for me and now more than half way through the season riding intermediate class and leading the points in the class I will be making more moves. I’m a married, God fearing man with 2 kids and we try to live life to the fullest, work hard and play harder!

Riding Goals

Plan to win the intermediate MX GP class in the WTXRC and then move to the expert class the following series. The sky is the limit and I’m looking to make as many races as I can afford!

Competitive Highlights

I have no quit in me period, when I’m pressured I excel and I love a good hard fought battle for position, always hungry for the next one. I’m willing to do what it takes to improve and I think I have a good ability in knowing when to push and when to regroup. I’m never satisfied with less than first, never have been!