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Personal History

This is very well known fact that vaping is very effective and pleasant way to quit smoking, many smokers have choose this method to stop smoking. But numerous quitters encounter the problems that might lead these quitters to return to smoking again, the low efficiency of inexpensive vaping pens, and the incredible complexity that you usually get with vaping box mods.It’s very significant change from cigarettes and lighter to figuring out what e-juice you need, taking care for of the tank, replace coils, selecting the appropriate wattage for the tank. Inexpensive vaping pens have many issues too. Sadly, lots of folks attempt to move from smoking with the inexpensive vape pen, without understanding that they are losing quality of vaping experience.The answer for this problem is to find something in the middle. Sadly, the solution didn’t exist before, however POD systems appeared on the market recently that can solve the issue above and provide the middle ground, you might heard couple of brands: Suorin and Juul.In case you already tasted the cig-alikes and pen-styled vaping devices to no avail, or you feel very uncomfortable by the amount of knobs, buttons you see on the standard box mod then you have to check the POD for sure.
Description of the POD SYSTEM
Basically the PODs (ultra portable systems) are something in the middle between vaping pen and the expensive box mod device. The structure is alike to the design of cartomizer, however it has more flexibility for liquid-volume and power.The essential distinction from the normal cartomizer of ultra portable POD system , POD includes cartridges as JUUL Replacement Pods, that have the coil, wick, e-liquid, basically all components you need.The Pod systems are much more powerful. Although the vape pen device battery caps out at approximately 180 mAh, ultra portable vaping devices can achieve of three hundred mAh.Remarkable fact that Pod systems are not expansive at all. Approximately at about 30 dollars you can buy fairly high quality ultra portable system, however not high quality Pods might cost approximately fifteen dollars.