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Personal History

I started riding MX in 2008. I've always wanted to race and decided better late than never. Over the years, after a dislocated elbow, knee surgery and torn shoulder, I'm finally back on track and riding at a competitive level. I have a solid group of MX friends that enjoy the ride as much or even more than I do. Currently I am working towards the goal of opening my own race shop and track with my brother and looking for all the help we can get. The MX community is like no other and I'd love to give back to those in the area that just need a place to go do what we love and have that feeling of freedom you get when you throw a leg over!

Riding Goals

My goal this year is to put in more seat time to compete for top 10's, top 5's and hopefully, the ultimate goal of a win! Would like to be able to have the speed and skill to move up to being a B rider. Moving into the Vet class within the next few years is going to a challenge because local tracks don't split the classes and I'm to competitive to be getting lapped by an A rider that's been riding their whole life. The ultimate goal would be to make it through a Loretta's qualifier and regional and make the trip to the ranch to be a part of the biggest race of the year for an amateur MX rider

Competitive Highlights

For only riding a handful of years, competitive highlights are few but growing. Starts have come along and nearly got a few holeshots. At a race with a full 20 rider gate, I was solidly in the top 5 and after a tip over in both motos, finished in 10th. I rode the Spring Creek Amateur Day during the pro national last year and it was a really eye opener to the speed of the guys that race national caliber tracks. I got whooped badly but that beating made me ride and train harder than ever and this year, will be much different.