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Personal History

My name is Trent Elliott, and I am 11 years old. I am in the 5th grade. I race a KTM 65. I started racing the 65cc in August 2012. I first got a dirt bike when I was 6. It was a Honda CRF50. Then I moved up to a KTM Pro Senior 50. Now I have a 65cc. I live in Henderson, Kentucky.

Riding Goals

Some of my riding goals are to be the best on the track. To be fast everywhere, every jump, corner, whoops, strait aways. To be a positive influence for younger riders. Also to run an outdoor series this summer.

Competitive Highlights

Ohio Valley Motocross 65cc open and 65cc (10-11). 1st place in my first full series.  I am currently running in Mid-America series. 3rd in 65cc pro and 5th in the 65cc open.