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Personal History

I have very close relationships with everyone in my family. Admittedly, it's difficult at times with them living in TN watching my goals and dreams unfold from thousands of miles away. But somehow they still manage to cheer me on; holding strong that tight nit family connection, and keeping me grounded in my roots always reminding me where I came from. They helped to mold me into the strong, determined individual I am today, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I've been riding since I was 15 years old. Nothing in this world makes me feel more free or alive than when I'm out in the middle of paradise on my dirt bike. Whether it be racing, freestyle, or just trail riding, as long as I'm riding, I'm completely content. If I'm not riding then I'm either training or scuba diving thinking about riding! It's a constant; always in the back of mind regardless of where my physical body may be at the time. 

As far as the technical aspect goes, I started off riding Honda and still do every now and then but for the past 4 years I have converted over to riding mainly KTM! I ride mainly 2 stroke 2013 KTM 300XC but now finding my way into 4 stroke riding KTM 350XCF and KTM 450 XCW. I have so many people from all over the world coming to ride with me on a daily basis and always asking me advise on what the latest and best gear is. Or, "Whats your favorite brand for gear, tires, exhaust, oils, or bike, etc.?" The answer I always give is "KTM", because as far as I'm concerned it's the best overall bike out there to date without question! I'm looking forward to racing in some 2013 enduro events and bringing motocross riders from around the world to come join me here on this beautiful island that I am so blessed to call my home!

My love for riding has brought me where I am today. I have made tangible my dream of opening up an off road dirt biking adventure company called, "Maui Moto Adventures". Everyone from U.S. Citizens to International thrill seekers alike can come and enjoy this unique, once in a lifetime experience! Riding enthusiasts know that Hawaii offers some of the best off-road dirt biking in the world! With our dry rough terrain, lush tropical forest, and beautiful beaches, Hawaii is unmatched in variety offering the best trails and views that Maui and Lanai have to offer! So what I've basically done is take two of my favorite things in passion for riding, and of course this breath taking, awe inspiring paradise to do it in, and I've combined them together to create an unforgettable lifetime experience!  I am so blessed to call Hawaii my home and to living out my dreams here.