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Personal History

Well I’ve been riding for 8 years but only racing for 4and I ride open c I have done the best I can every race and been steadily been getting better and the way I look at things when it comes to motocross it’s a fun but dangerous sport but what’s there to hurt when you’re racing and having fun well yeah i know breaking bones but hey you only live once so go out there and have fun racing and riding I love racing and riding and I don’t plain on ever quitting idc if I’m 70 I’m still gonna go at it I hope to have a good rest of my life riding motocross I do my own bike work but if there’s something I can’t do I have my dad help me he’s the one that got me into this sport and I love it I hope to have great memories and Seasons and I never ever plain on quitting this sport is my everything 

Riding Goals

I hope one day I make it to laretta Lynn's I’ve been trying every year and I hope to be in A class soon and I hope I get a bunch of sponsors to help succeed my dream and help me along the way as I race I just hope every year I get better and better because it makes me really happy when I know I got people to help me along my racing career. I hope to set my goal higher up when I’m racing work out practice on the week days and put in the effort to ride ive been riding c class for two years and it’s been crazy I hope to practice with the b riders more so when I move up I’m not like what the heck how are they doing this and how are they doing that but I hope to have a clean season 

Competitive Highlights

2021 I raced the night track and got 5th outta 40 people and well Sunday August 15, 2021 I raced at log roads state championship race and I got 1st and that made me so happy i never ever want to stop riding this sport makes me so happy