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Personal History

Hi, my name is Blake Groda, i am homeschooled, i am 15 turning 16 the 16th of august, i love to race motocross,i have been doing it for about two years been on a bike for about a year and 4 months cause of my acl, alot of people say i will not go pro because i havent been riding long but i would like to think the people who tell me that cause it makes me strive harder if.. john downs can in 6 then i WILL in 4 ive progressed really fast in these two years im beating people like beau baldwin david hossferd and many more kids that have won b class championships so i cant wait to see what i will do this year and i also like to hangout with my friends make new friends and have fun with whatever i am doing, i like to challeng myself to things in racing and thats pretty much me..:)

Riding Goals

This Year i am going to try for lorretas i  will also be going to ponca, oak hill, minios, thoose are the big one in my opion and more in lake  whitney freeston and other places and i will be trying my hardest to get a chapmionship in all of them