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Rider Updates

Feb 12 2021

Well, got my cast off a couple days ago. However it'll be a couple more weeks till I can safely get back on the bike. After that, it'll be time to kill it....

Jan 15 2021

This trip to the track did not go as planned... An error completely on my part led to me crashing coming out of the whoops at switchback ax. Hopefully by the middle/end of February I'll have the cast off and back at it.

Jan 5 2021

Apologize for the delayed update... Had alot of fun at my recent trip to switchback. Being on an indoor track for the first time was alot more intimidating than I had anticipated. Minimal margin for error. I took it easy, just trying to get a feel for it. As the evening went on I gradually got smoother. Definitely a work out, but can't wait to hit it again.

Dec 27 2020

Heading to switchback mx tonight for my first attempt at riding an indoor track. Pretty excited to see how it'll go.

Dec 26 2020

Apologize for the lack of updates, have only gotten a couple brief snow rides in. I put the regular tires back on so I can start hitting a local indoor track tomorrow. I've also started working on a custom front snow tire for the next round of fun.

Dec 7 2020

For anyone that watches my riding videos on youtube, please excuse the poor quality. I'm making due with what I have which is a lower end camera, and sometimes a phone. Also I'm very much in the learning stages of video editing, as you'll see when I start to put edits up.

Dec 7 2020

Had a nice relaxing winter woods ride today, in the process of uploading videos to the youtube channel as we speak. I don't have my spikes on the front yet, so I wasn't going ham today.

Nov 23 2020

To all our sponsors who have come on board for the '21 season, I would like to say a big thank you. This year for us, as many others was not a very productive season. I'm in the process of trying to get some videos from this year uploaded but haven't figured out how to yet. We're looking forward to bringing home some hardware and maybe be ready to move up a class at the end of next year...